Ever since the young and heady days of his first expedition, to Pakistan when he was 19, Kenton has been completely in love with climbing in the high mountains. Now Kenton has mounted and completed over 44 successful expeditions. He holds the highest success rate of any mountain guide on Everest, in May 2007 he even motivated himself to summit the peak twice in one week. For Kenton, the inspiration is to strive for the fullest achievement in the outdoors – whether this be on ice, on rock, or out on the hill.

“Climbing is such a great sport to be part of, in fact, it’s definitely more of a way of life than a sport. There are so many aspects to it; it’s got to be one of the most diverse activities in the world – each climb is quite different from another. For me the special thing about climbing is the places I have travelled to and the people I have met. Climbing has totally defined my life for about 20 years and I feel enriched for that.” – Kenton


The core of Kenton’s mantra centres on the inspiration to achieve, and to summit. In everything Kenton has ever done he has always attempted to push himself to the very limits of what can be realised. From climbing Everest, Lhotse and Nuptse – the peaks that make up the Everest horseshoe – in one single continuous climb, onto his mid-teens of successful ascents of Everest, Kenton has always strived to place himself at that unique nexus where the rocks runs out and all that’s left ahead is boundless empty space. His motivation is relentless – he trains every day to fulfil his life’s potential in this way.

Kenton has always retained a love for the places around him and the many people he’s met along the road. The friendships he’s formed with Sherpas and clients have lasted decades; he considers many now his closest friends. On Everest, a mountain so completely steeped in the history of such a singleminded pursuit, the summit, Kenton has tried above all else to gaze wider and find his place amongst the great valleys and amongst the mountain peoples – to stretch out and connect with a world so immutably linked to the peak he loves.