Kenton Cool is one of the world’s leading high-altitude climbers, he has climbed Everest 14 times to date, along with many other epic and challenging mountains around the world.

Kenton is an engaging motivational speaker, who delivers popular keynote speeches on all aspects of his many accomplishments in the outdoors. He relates with great vividness and emotion the experience of summiting some of the world’s highest mountains.

His motivational presentations are energetic, entertaining, inspiring and humorous, focusing on themes of team-building and leadership. There is a serious aspect too, as Kenton relates with great intimacy some of the most adverse situations he’s encountered and the personal fears he’s had to overcome across many successful summits of Everest and further afield. Each presentation is complemented by an impressive array of stunning photographs and video, taken from expeditions right across Kenton’s time in the Greater Ranges.

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See below an overview of Kenton’s style:

Kenton delivering a leadership talk at an Allianz conference

Extreme Leadership

What does success mean when the price may be too high? Kenton Cool faced this question in extreme conditions on the then unclimbed SW face of Annapurna III.

His insights into leadership in extreme times hold audiences enthralled and teach them about the prices and perils of decision-making and teamwork.

Kenton at the Leaders Summit Conference
Kenton at the Leaders Summit Conference discussing different methods of motivation and leadership

Creating a Goal-Focused, Proactive Team

Leading teams into uncertain danger in the mountains (and bringing them back alive) provides valuable guidance about the criteria for a peak performing team. What are the ‘must-haves’ when the stakes are unsettlingly high?

Kenton Cool shares his experiences in the mountains, moving from compelling stories of near-death experiences into deep insights about how to create great teams.

Kenton’s keynote is a must-do experience for any team seeking success in today’s hyper-competitive business environment.

Kenton talks motivation and clear decision making with Avanade
Kenton talks motivation and clear decision making with Avanade

Decision Making When It Matters Most

In this address, Kenton reveals his approach to decision-making as a leader under extreme pressure, at high altitudes, on unforgiving mountains.

He draws on practiced lessons that are precisely applicable in today’s deeply competitive business climate. How do we make decisions quickly when we have little information, when time is against us or when it’s life or death? What do we do when the options are dwindling and less than perfect? How to achieve the same goal by re-calibrating the pathway?

Kenton discusses taking calculated risks in tough conditions with Natilik
Kenton discusses taking calculated risks in tough conditions with Natilik